We want to work with you!

Ready to dive into the creative vortex at Sanskari magazine? 

We’re always on the lookout for fresh voices and perspectives to feature in our magazine. Below, you’ll find the categories and guidelines for submissions. 

Just a couple of reminders before we begin!

Visual Art


In terms of photography, we are looking for images that include representation of South Asian individuals.

For one or two-page spreads we are looking for design work, unique edits, and pieces which showcase a unique perspective or a statement of society.

Mixed Media

Calling all boundary-pushers and art innovators! Submit your eclectic creations that blend various mediums, telling a unique story that reflects the diversity and vibrancy of the South Asian diaspora. From digital masterpieces to physical installations, let your imagination run wild and be part of a narrative that challenges artistic norms.


Step into the spotlight, trendsetters! We encourage you to submit snapshots of your most captivating fusion outfits and engaging takes. Whether it’s a sari with a modern twist, a bold blend of traditional and contemporary, or an ensemble that defies the norm, share your fashion story with us. L

Written Art


Creative Writing

Yes, please! Let’s get creative! This is your canvas to explore uncharted narratives. Below is just a short list of structures you can submit! We will accept pieces between 500-1500 words.

  • Short Stories
  • Poetry 
  • Personal Experiences 
  • Dating Stories 
  • Prose 
  • Spoken Word 

Opinion Pieces

An opinion piece is your backstage pass to the author’s personal thoughts and insights, a vibrant exploration of their take on the world. Below is a short list of topics that you may choose to write about. We will accept pieces between 500-1500 words. 

  • Current Events
  • Politics
  • Mental Health
  • Brown History
  • Fashion

Column Ideas

Columns are an engaging part of our magazine, providing a dedicated space for recurring insights into engaging themes.

Whether it’s unraveling societal norms, exploring cultural critiques, or sharing personal journeys… share your vision.

Craft a brief pitch introducing your proposed column, share the overarching theme, suggest a working title, and give us a sneak peek into the first few topics.