capturing the South Asian pulse.
Step into Sanskari...

Where we aim to capture the pulse of the South Asian experience beyond the mainstream.

Embrace the alternative, break free from the ordinary, and own a piece of cultural rebellion.

Our magazine is not just a read… it’s an experience. 

Our stories begin with you.

Preserving Print Literature

In preserving the authenticity of print literature, our magazine is only available on paper. It’s not meant to be a quick read on the go, but a moment to be experienced.

Each issue is a limited edition, a piece of art that transcends the digital age. Sit down with a hot cup of chai, while you let our pages inspire you.

The Heartbeat of Sanskari

Your voices are the soul of our purpose. In every stroke of art, every penned word, and each creative expression, we find the heartbeat of the South Asian diaspora. Your voice isn't just a part of our magazine; it is the essence that defines our narrative. Join us in this celebration of diverse stories, where your voice becomes the most integral instrument, resonating in our rebellious symphony.

Unveiled In Your City

Stay tuned for Sanskari's upcoming events, bringing the spirit of inspiration and creativity to a location near you.

- F A Q -

When is the next issue of Sanskari being released?

Very soon! We’re so excited for 2024! Stay tuned to our social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter for announcements on upcoming issues. We’re committed to delivering unique and inspiring content in each edition. 

Do you have a digital version of Sanskari?

Currently, Sanskari is only available in print. We believe in the tangible experience of holding creativity in your hands. Explore our exclusive print copies for a unique reading experience.

Which countries do you offer shipping to?

Sanskari currently offers shipping to the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. If your location is not on this list, please contact us through our Contact Us page, and we’ll explore shipping options tailored for you!